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Big Babe Bella Mini Inflatable Love Doll

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Meet your perfectly bouncy, buoyant love partner. This cute, chubby love doll is the perfect size for fulfilling your desires on the road. Measuring at just 26 inches, she still comes equipped with two Full-size hot love holes, just begging for you to give them a pounding. With a pair of incredibly sized breasts, heres a partner who is always ready for action, anywhere and everywhere. Use with a big helping of your favourite lube for a slick and slippery session.

Features: 2 Love Holes

Length: 26 Inches

Washing: Hot soapy water and toy cleaner

Colour: Flesh Pink

Flexibility: Slight

For who: Male

Material: PVC

Brand: NMC Ltd

Size: 26 Inches

Incat name: Female Love Dolls